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Author wpettersson
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Date 2012-05-11.12:16:25
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With tab completion enabled via rlcompleter and readline, tab-completion will assume anything that is callable (by callable(val)) is going to be called. For example, the below code defines a class "CCC" that is callable and has a static function. However, typing 
>>> CC
and then pressing tab results in the following.
>>> CCC(
Note the extra parentheses. It would be nice if these weren't added if the object also has some other reasonable choices.

However, I don't know what would be "reasonable" here. Somehow we'd have to detect whether a callable class has static methods, possibly via dir() or directly checking class.__dict__ but at this point I am not comfortable enough with python to suggest decent solutions.

>>> class CCC:                                                                       
...   def __call__(self):
...     print "call"
...   @staticmethod
...   def f(a):
...     print "Static",a
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