Author progoth
Date 2003-05-16.19:32:02
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So a co-worker pointed out that you could have directorys
like mine, but say, numbered:
say you wanted a pattern like '[A--_B]?' to get them
all....that's not a valid directory, so it definitely needs
to do some wildcard expansion...but it doesn't need to mess
with what's inside the brackets.
fnmatch probably shouldn't throw an exception in any
case...regardless, we're of the opinion that the only
logical way around this issue of wildcard characters in
filenames is to have the programmer escape stuff manually. 
so r"\[A--_B]?" would be what is needed. 
python/glob/fnmatch can't read the programmer's mind in a
pattern with wildcards which ones are supposed to be pattern
or not.
to take this route, fnmatch would have to be modified to
recognize characters that are \-escaped, because it doesn't
at the moment.
or maybe that's not the best solution.
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