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Date 2012-05-02.20:12:39
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Again, to clarify because this seems to have been put to sleep by Martin's  unfortunate dismissal.  A recap of the patch:

1) Extract the Contition Variable functions on windows out of ceval_gil.h and into thread_nt_cv.h, so that they can be used in more places.
2) Implement the "Lock" primitive in Python using CritialSection and condition variables, rather than windows Mutexes.  This gives a large performance boost on uncontended locks.
3) Provide an alternate implementation of the Condition Variable for a build target of Vista/Server 2008, using the native contidion variable objects available for that platform.

I think Martin got distraught by 3) and though that was the only thing this patch is about.  The important part is 1) and 2) whereas 3) is provided as a bonus (and to make sure that 1) is future-safe)

So, can we get this reviewed please?
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