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Date 2012-04-30.16:53:16
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Hello Xavier,

This issue required some tracing through the calls and I see the problem that you have mentioned and patch fixes the problem.

One comment on the patch, for the tests in the module, this line - 

self.frame_returning = None 

does not seem to have a coverage. Is there a specific significance in setting this to None and would a test help?

     def dispatch_return(self, frame, arg):
         if self.stop_here(frame) or frame == self.returnframe:
+            self.frame_returning = frame
             self.user_return(frame, arg)
+            self.frame_returning = None
             if self.quitting: raise BdbQuit
         return self.trace_dispatch

Sorry for the delay, I shall commit the fix in 3.3.
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