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Date 2012-04-30.10:03:09
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Martin, I think you misunderstand completely. the patch is _not_ about using the VISTA features.  It is about not using a "mutex" for threading.lock.

Currently, the locks in python use Mutex objects, and a WaitForSingleObjects() system call to acquire them.
This patch replaces theses locks with user-level objects (critical sections and condition variables.).  This drops the time needed for an uncontended acquire/release by 60% since there is no kernel transition and scheduling.

The patch comes in two flavors.  The current version _emulates_ condition variables on Windows by the same mechanism as I introduced for the new GIL, that is, using a combination of "critical section" objects and a construct made of a "semaphore" and a counter.

Also provided, for those that want, and for future reference, is a version that uses native system objects (windows condition variables and SRWLocks).  I can drop them from the patch to make you happy, but they are dormant and nicely show how conditional compilation can switch in more modern features for a different target architecture.


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> Subject: [issue11618] Locks broken wrt timeouts on Windows
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> As it stands, the patch is pointless, and can safely be rejected. We will just
> not have defined NTDDI_VERSION at NTDDI_VISTA for any foreseeable
> future, so all the Vista-specific code can be eliminated from the patch.
> Python had been using dynamic checking for API "forever". In 2.5, there was
> a check for presence of GetFileAttributesExA; in 2.4, there was a check for
> CryptAcquireContextA.
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