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Antoine Pitrou wrote:
> Antoine Pitrou <> added the comment:
>> This would also mean that changes to importlib._bootstrap would
>> actually take effect for user code almost immediately, *without*
>> rebuilding Python, as the frozen version would *only* be used to get
>> hold of the pure Python version.
> Actually, _io, encodings and friends must be loaded before importlib
> gets imported from Python code, so you will still have __loader__
> entries referencing the frozen importlib, unless you also rewrite these
> attributes.
> My desire here is not to hide _frozen_importlib, rather to avoid subtle
> issues with two instances of a module living in memory with separate
> global states. Whether it's the frozen version or the on-disk Python
> version that gets the preference is another question (a less important
> one in my mind).

Why don't you freeze the whole importlib package to avoid all these
issues ? As side effect, it will also load a little faster.
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