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Date 2012-04-23.09:24:00
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Well then at least the docs need an update. I simply fail to see how a
cache memory leak constitutes "just fine" (while the caching behavior of
struct.unpack is not documented - if somebody wants caching, he ought to
use struct.Struct.unpack which does cache and does not leak). Something
like a warning: "struct.unpack might display memory leaks when parsing
big files using large format strings" might be sufficient. I do not like
the idea of code failing outside some not-documented "use-case".
Especially as those problems usually indicate some underlying design
flaw. I did not review the proposed patch but might find time to have a
look in a few months.


Am 20.04.2012 19:56, schrieb Mark Dickinson:
> Mark Dickinson <> added the comment:
> IMO, the struct module does what it's intended to do just fine here.  I don't a big need for any change.  I'd propose closing this as "won't fix".
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