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Date 2012-04-22.19:37:52
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As discussed and agreed to on python-dev, it makes sense to require loaders to set __loader__ and __package__ so that they can be relied upon by globally executed code in a module.

The following needs to happen to close this bug:

* Update PEP 302 to say __loader__ is required, not optional
* Update PEP 366 to say __package__ is required
* Update PEP 302 to point to PEP 366 and mention the requirement
* Update importlib.util.module_for_loader to set both __loader__ and __package__
* Update importlib.util.set_loader and importlib.util.set_package to point out that module_for_loader supercedes those decorators
* Update importlib._bootstrap to set __loader__ when it is absent
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