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Author neologix
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Date 2012-04-21.11:15:19
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Thanks for the report and patch.

I'm making Vinay nosy, as he's the logging expert.

A couple remarks:
- it would be nice to add your testcase to the logging tests (Lib/test/
- I think you could probably save the whole fstat() result (instead of st_dev and st_inode): this would allow you to use os.pathsamestat() to check whether we're still refering to the same file, and it could maybe be useful someday (maybe use st_mtime)
- typo: "existance" -> "existence"
- I see you're catching OSError when calling fstat(): however, I don't see what error could be raised apart from EBADF (if the FD is closed, then it's likely a bug that shouldn't be masked, and it will blow up on the next write()), or I/O errors, that shouldn't be silenced
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