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Author TheBiggerGuy
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Date 2012-04-17.09:40:30
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@Brandl truncate() was the issue I ran into, no other reason. I have started on the rest of the IO module tho. I know the patch is not working but I ran into problems with getting cpython to change functions from positional to keyword.

cpython                | Python                        | Status
iobase_readlines       | readline(limit=-1)            | patch v2
iobase_readline        | readlines(hint=-1)            | patch v2
iobase_seek            | seek(offset, whence=SEEK_SET) | patch v2
iobase_truncate        | truncate(size=None)           | patch v2
fileio_seek            | seek(offset, whence=SEEK_SET) | patch v2
fileio_read            | read(n=-1)                    | patch v2
textiowrapper_read     | read(n=-1)                    | ToDo
textiowrapper_readline | readline(limit=-1)            | ToDo
textiowrapper_seek     | seek(offset, whence=SEEK_SET) | ToDo
textiowrapper_truncate | truncate(size=None)           | ToDo
textiobase_read        | read(n=-1)                    | ToDo
textiobase_readline    | readline(limit=-1)            | ToDo
{bufferedio.c}         |                               | ToDo
{bytesio.c}            |                               | ToDo
{stringio.c}           |                               | ToDo

I am using code from within other C files and to base my patch on but I still get "x()" takes no keyword arguments". What have I missed/Are the docs correct?
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