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Changes look complete and correct as far as I can tell, except that I have some confusion about the relation of Shift and CapsLock key. For instance, Control-C and Control-Shift-C (using the key labels) both interrupt a loop whether or not CapsLock is on. In all, 4 combinations work even though only 2 are listed.
 interrupt-execution=<Control-Key-c> <Control-Key-C>

However, this pair of specifications
+save-window-as-file=<Control-Shift-Key-S> <Control-Shift-Key-s>
+save-window=<Control-Key-s> <Control-Key-S>
only makes sense to me if 's' and 'S' refer to the 'S' key without and with CapLock on as using Shift is meant to give a different meaning. It appears to split the 4 combinations into 2 pairs that do different things.
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