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Date 2012-04-15.20:32:11
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> (1) The patch appears to assume that a Unicode string created with PyUnicode_New(size, 127) will have 'kind' PyUnicode_1BYTE_KIND.  While this might be true in the current implementation, I don't know whether this is guaranteed in general.  Martin, any comments on this?

The same assumption is used above in long_to_decimal_string(). I added
the same assert and changed maxchar to 'f'.

> (2) The patch doesn't compile with '--with-pydebug':  there's a reference to the (now) undefined variable 'buffer' in one of the asserts.


> (3) The overflow check looks as though it needs to be reworked.

I was left an old constraint (it is enough), but it really can be
weakened (in fact, it can be so weakened in the current code).

Thank you for the comments and the found error.
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