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Date 2012-04-09.20:45:54
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Here are my objections to the standard (but not widely used outside our own tests) mixin pattern for base testcases (copied and pasted from issue 14408):

Because you then have classes that inherit from object calling methods that clearly don't exist (until you subclass them *and* TestCase). It looks weird and also means the classes can't be tested in isolation.

With a class decorator the code would *look* straightforward, and the hidden attribute is just an implementation detail.

It still looks weird to see code calling methods that obviously don't exist, and with no indication *at the call site* where they come from. Making it clearer with naming would help: "TestThingMixin" or similar.

There are classes like this in the unittest test suite, and I was very confused by them initially until I found where and how they were used. It is obviously *not* a pattern that is widely known for test base classes, as we have this problem of it not being done even in the standard library tests.

In contrast I think code similar to the following would be clear and readable without knowing about multiple inheritance and the mixin trick:

    class SomeTestBase(TestCase):

Besides which, the mixin pattern won't *stop* working if we provide this extra functionality - it would just be an alternative for those (like myself) who think it impedes code readability. :-)

At this point we're off topic for the *specific issue*, and I'm fine with our own standard library tests moving to use mixins to support standard unittest invocation. I would suggest the base test cases include Mixin in their name to make it clear how they should be used.
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