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I unlinked the old diff. issue3561.diff is the one that matters.

As for what happens with multiple installations, it's no different than how you'd already be managing it or anything else like it. If you install 2.7 with the path option enabled and then you install 3.2 with the path option enabled, 3.2 goes in front of 2.7. The installations don't touch each other. If we want to get smart and detect other installations on the Path, I believe this gets a lot more complicated.

It does not become obsolete with the launcher. The launcher solves a wider problem in a different way. You could just switch to the launcher if you wanted to, but because we (probably will) have that feature doesn't mean the bare python.exe can't grow this functionality. People have been asking for it for years. It's the first step of every tutorial on the internet. It takes up a special page on the information for a sprint I just saw.

As for the question of 3.3.2 over 3.3.1: I'm not sure yet. I'll build a few installers with different versions and run some upgrades to see what happens. We're using MSI's builtin ability to manage everything here, so I would imagine it knows what to do, but I'll confirm.
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