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Author Mario.Vilas
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Date 2012-04-08.17:58:19
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I tried the following:


    data_files = [(sys.prefix_exec, os.path.join('Win32', 'BeaEngine.dll'))]

  # (... rest of the setup call here...)


This works perfectly when running the "python install". But when generating an installer (not MSI but the exe file), the installer places the 'BeaEngine.dll' in a subdirectory called 'python27'. For 64 bit builds, the subdirectory is called 'Python27-x64' instead.

The paths to my python installations are "C:\Python27" and "C:\Python27-x64" respectively. The target folders should have been those, not "C:\Python27-x64\Python27-x64" which is clearly wrong.

So far my workaround was this:

    data_files = [(os.path.join(sys.prefix_exec,'..'), os.path.join('Win32', 'BeaEngine.dll'))]

But of course, now my script only works for generating the installer, not for installing the module from sources.
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