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Date 2012-04-06.16:44:16
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I (as one of the Mac maintainers) like the new functionality, but would like to see some changes:

1) as others have noted it is odd that binary and json plists can be read but not written

2) there need to be tests, and I'd add two or even three set of tests:

   a. tests that read pre-generated files in the various formats
      (tests that we're compatible with the format generated by Apple)

   b. tests that use Apple tools to generated plists in various formats,
      and check that the library can read them
      (these tests would be skipped on platforms other than OSX)

   c. if there are read and write functions: check that the writer
      generates files that can be read back in.

3) there is a new public function for reading binary plist files, 
   I'd keep that private and add a "format" argument to readPlist
   when there is a need for forcing the usage of a specific format
   (and to mirror the (currently hypothetical) format argument for

Don't worry about rearchitecturing plistlib, it might need work in that regard but that need not be part of this issue and makes it harder to review the changes. I'm also far from convinced that a redesign of the code is needed.
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