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Date 2012-03-28.18:27:05
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I was "playing" with memoryviews when I found this behaviour, launch the Python shell, and then enter the following:

>>> import os
>>> memoryview(os.fdopen(0))

A TypeError "cannot make memory view because object does not have the buffer interface" is raised and shown in the shell.

* On Windows 7, Python 3.2.2: Windows open a window with something like this "python.exe has stopped working"
* On CrunchBang Linux (Debian), Python 3.1.3: the shell exits (though echo $? print 0...).

On IRC, valhallasw was able to reproduce the bug:
[19:24] <valhallasw> a__: also happens under 3.2.2 under windows XP /and/ 3.2 under ubuntu natty
[19:24] <valhallasw> the latter just crashes without any message, the former gives the windows XP equivalent of the 'program has stopped working' message

I hope this help, if you need more information please ask.
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