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[Adding Alan McIntyre, who is listed as zipfile's maintainer.]

I haven't yet had a chance to properly familiarize myself with the
zipfile module, but I did notice an issue in the changes to ZipExtFile's
read() method. The existing code uses the b"".join() idiom for linear-
time concatenation, but the patch replaces it with a version that does
"buf += data" after each read. CPython can (I think) do this efficiently,
but it can be much slower on other implementations.

> As for the documentation, I propose the wording
> "bzip2 compression was added to the zip file format in 2001. However, even more recent tools (including older Python releases) may not support it, causing either refusal to process the zip file altogether, or faiilure to extract individual files."

How about this?

"The zip format specification has included support for bzip2 compression
since 2001. However, some tools (including older Python releases) do not
support it, and may either refuse to process the zip file altogether, or
fail to extract individual files."
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