Author arigo
Date 2004-06-22.21:07:30
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Quick patch attached.  I didn't try to use the PyDict_GetItem trick described, but just systematically use PyObject_GetItem/SetItem/DelItem when working with f_locals.

This might confuse some extension modules that expect PyEval_GetLocals() to return a dict object.

The eval trick is now: eval(code, nondict) --> eval(code, globals(), nondict).

Besides eval() I removed the relevant typecheck from execfile() and the exec statement.  Any other place I am missing?

We might want to still somehow check the type of the locals, to avoid strange errors caused by e.g. eval("a", "b").  PyMapping_Check() is the obvious candidate, but it looks like a hack.

More testing is needed. line 84 now succeeds, unexpectedly, which is interpreted as a test failure.

Needs some docs, too.
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