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> The patch looks good to me. I was going to commit it
> but then I realized that Larry is a core developer.

Indeed; please permit me the pleasure of checking it in myself.  That is, assuming I actually get the go-ahead someday.  (Probably in the far-flung future.  I'm imagining my house CPU telling me the good news via my cranial implant.  Perhaps while I'm landing my jet car!)

> Last nits: you should add a newline after } in "} else {",

1/3 of the "else {" statements in the Python tree are "} else {".  And that's not a new line with me; I merely renamed the variable.

But I just checked, and PEP 7 says so, and I figure it's harmless enough, so I have made that change.

> and it would be better to move billion variable into fill_time().

That's how it was until patch 5 or 6 or so.  Greg P. Smith suggested moving into INITFUNC and I agreed.  I think it should stay where it is.

Attached is patch #9, adding a newline between "}" and "else" as Victor suggests.
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