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Arfrever Frehtes Taifersar Arahesis <> wrote:
> Please add --with-system-libmpdec (or --with-system-mpdecimal) option in
> `configure`, similarly to --with-system-expat and --with-system-ffi options.

I've added that to the list of issues. However, if there is any change in
the behavior of that also applies to the library, the libmpdec
shipped with Python will be silently updated.

I can probably release a matching external libmpdec with every major Python
release, but I can't promise to track all minor releases.

This would mean that for Python-3.3 the yet unreleased mpdecimal-2.4,
hopefully with thread-safe mpd_pow(), mpd_ln() and mpd_log10() should
be used.
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