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Date 2012-03-09.17:50:02
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>>> * using relative path completes, but I get something like "'../' not found from sys.path"
>> That has nothing to do with the completion.
> If I give it an absolute path it works, hence the complaint.

But that has to do with how relative paths are handled, not with how they are entered: they are taken relative to sys.path[0]. I don't know why, and if that is the useful thing to do, but it's for another issue.

>>> * using "~/" to try to complete the HOME directory doesn't work... it completes the root directory
>> Since break doesn't accept "~", I don't see why it should complete it.  Keep in mind it's not a shell :)
> Fair enough. Perhaps the completion should not be when encountering
that character?

That should be easy to do, yes.
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