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Date 2012-03-06.09:46:38
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Sorry for mixing the different problems, these were somehow things I noticed "at once" in the new python version, but I should have noticed the different domains myself.
I still might not understand the term "crash" properly - I just meant to distinguish between a single appropriate exception on an invalid operation (while the app is staying alive and works on next valid input) - as is the case with calling through python.exe, and - on the other hand - the immediate termination on encountering the invalid input, which happens with pythonw.exe.

Now I see, that with pythonw a tk app terminates with the first exception (in general) in py 3.3 and also 3.2 (as opposed to py 2.7, where it just swallows the exception and stays alive, as one would probably expect).

Should this be reported in a separate issue, or is this what remains relevant in *this* report? (Sorry for the confusion.)

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