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Date 2012-03-02.15:27:34
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Because it looks like line noise and doesn't provide an useful information in most of the cases (at least for me), see e.g.:

+   test_format (__main__.MyTestCase) ... [0.000612s] skipped 'not supported in this library version'
+   test_nothing (__main__.MyTestCase) ... [0.000486s] skipped 'demonstrating skipping'
+   test_windows_support (__main__.MyTestCase) ... [0.000090s] skipped 'requires Windows'

It might still be useful to find the slowest test(s), or for test suites that take a long time (so I'm not opposed to having it as an option that can be enabled if needed), but for most of the tests it will just show an almost meaningless fraction of second.
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