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Some context. ReportLab windows exe installers for pythons 2.x x=4-7 are built on a single 32bit machine with 32bit pythons using a code that looks like this

set FT_LIB=c:\devel\libs_x86\freetype.lib
\python2x\python bdist_wininst --bitmap=%BMP% --title="ReportLab"

we build the 64 bit versions for 2.6 & 2.7 only. In those cases an extra step does

set FT_LIB=c:\devel\libs_amd64\freetype.lib
\python2.x\python bdist_wininst --bitmap=%BMP% --plat-name=win-amd64 --title="ReportLab"

To make this work I have copied from 64bit win32 installs of python2.6/7 various lib/dll/pyds. These live in 


C:\ux\ExeBuilder>ls \Python26\PCBuild\AMD64
_bsddb.lib            _socket.lib           pyexpat.lib
_bsddb.pyd            _socket.pyd           pyexpat.pyd
_ctypes.lib           _sqlite3.lib          python26.dll
_ctypes.pyd           _sqlite3.pyd          python26.lib
_ctypes_test.lib      _ssl.lib              select.lib
_ctypes_test.pyd      _ssl.pyd              select.pyd
_elementtree.lib      _testcapi.lib         sqlite3.dll
_elementtree.pyd      _testcapi.pyd         tcl85.dll
_hashlib.lib          _tkinter.lib          tclpip85.dll
_hashlib.pyd          _tkinter.pyd          tk85.dll
_msi.lib              bz2.lib               unicodedata.lib
_msi.pyd              bz2.pyd               unicodedata.pyd
_multiprocessing.lib  py.ico                winsound.lib
_multiprocessing.pyd  pyc.ico               winsound.pyd

I followed most of section 5.4 in to get this almost working, but got problems related to the library paths which my patch appears to fix (I seem to get working exes out of this approach).
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