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Aw, I guess I was too optimistic in thinking this was the last gap before we could declare it Final...

+1 on creating a new feature request for NumPy style multi-dimensional indexing and slicing support on memoryview (I'm assuming that's what you meant).

As far as your last question goes, I'm not sure we *can* salvage this in 2.7/3.2. We do have the option of throwing our hands up in the air and saying "Sorry, we couldn't figure out how to fix it without completely rewriting it. Take a look at 3.3 if you want to see how it's *supposed* to work."

I hesitate to suggest this (since I'm not volunteering to do the work) but perhaps it would be worth packaging up the 3.3. memoryview and publishing it on PyPI for the benefit of 3.2 and 2.7?

May also be worth bringing up on python-dev to see if anyone else has any bright ideas. Myself, I'm not seeing any real choices beyond "won't fix", "backport 3.3 version and remove/disable the new features", "backport 3.3 version, new features and all" and "publish a full featured version on PyPI".
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