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On Sat, Feb 25, 2012 at 09:35, Éric Araujo <> wrote:
> What about this:
>  All slice operations return a new list containing the requested elements.  This
> -means that the following slice returns a shallow copy of the list *a*::
> +means that the following slice returns a shallow copy (see the documentation of
> +the :mod:`copy` module for a definition) of the list *a*::

That's kool, though I like Ezio's idea of putting it on a glossary
(and then linking to it) even more.

> (BTW, you can use syntax like Doc/tutorial/introduction.rst:487 to have links generated; see —also linked from the “Comment” label in the form, but it isn’t obvious that it’s a link).

Thanks for the pointer. Note however that I chose my approach because
it shows the info at a specific revision, in case the content changes
later on.
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