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Marc, the MacOS X support is planned, but I want first to finish the Solaris support 100%. I am working with other people in being sure this patch works in a standard Solaris machine (my machines are heavily tuned, GNU tools installed, GCC, extra libraries, etc), specially under Sparc, that I can not check personally.

This work is progressing fine. I hope to have it done in a week or two.

After that, next step is MacOS, if I can convince a friend to spend a weekend at home with me :-).

BTW, as far as I know, DTrace port for MacOS X DOESN'T support "jstack();" at all. So that test must be skipped under MacOS.

Anyway, all of this is planned.

The gc-start/gc-done probe errors you are seeing are strange, but I can't investigate them until I start building under MacOS. Late March, I hope.

I assume your machine is x86 based, not PowerPC.
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