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> The module has good JavaDoc-style function-level documentation, but as it's not
> in docstring format, it can't be seen from the interactive help.
> I'd be willing to convert the current comments into docstrings, as long as I wouldn't be
> stepping on anybody's toes,
Great, thanks!  I don’t know if the best approach here is to add lengthy docstrings or move the information from the comments into the reST docs.  Maybe this should be asked on the core-mentorship or python-dev mailing list.

> and somebody could give me some guidance as to how to convert the @return and @param declarations
In docstrings as well as in reST docs we just use English, with asterisks to mark up parameters, e.g. “*path* is an instance of :class:`ElementPath`. ... Returns ``True`` if there is a match, ``False`` otherwise.”

> and how to handle the C version of the module.
Doctrings for C modules are not hard to find, just a little painful to write.  If we agree to turn comments into docstrings and you need help, I’ll be glad to guide you with that.
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