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Date 2012-02-21.15:42:33
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On Feb 21, 2012, at 09:48 AM, Marc-Andre Lemburg wrote:

>The flag should probably be removed - simply because
>the env var is not a flag, it's a configuration parameter.
>Exposing the seed value as sys.hashseed would be better and more useful
>to applications.

Okay, after chatting with __ap__ on irc, here's what I think the behavior
should be:

sys.flags.hash_randomization should contain just the value given by the -R
flag.  It should only be True if the flag is present, False otherwise.

sys.hash_seed contains the hash seed, set by virtue of the flag or envar.  It
should contain the *actual* seed value used.  E.g. it might be zero, the
explicitly set integer, or the randomly selected seed value in use during this
Python execution if a random seed was requested.

If you really need the envar value, getenv('PYTHONHASHSEED') is good enough
for that.
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