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Recent discussion on the mailing lists and in make it clear that the best way to get python2 results for "ASCII-in-the-parts-I-might-process-or-change" is to replace 

    f = open(fname)
    f = open(fname, encoding="ascii", errors="surrogateescape")

Unfortunately, surrogateescape (let alone this recipe) is not easily discoverable. lists 5 error-handlers -- but not this one.  It says that other error handlers are possible if they are registered with but I haven't found a way to determine which error handlers are already registered.

The codecs.register (as opposed to register_error) documentation does list it as a possible value, but that is the only reference.

The other 5 error handlers are also available as module-level functions within the codecs module, and have their own documenation sections within

Neither help(open) nor import codecs; help(codecs) provides any hints of the existence of surrogateescape.  Both explicitly suggest that it does not exist, by enumerating other values.
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