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Date 2012-02-08.16:15:07
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>> Google "walk directory". First hit is a Rosetta code page with
>> *recursive* walking implemented in various languages. So I guess it
>> does have this connotation. Regardless, os.walk has been in Python for
>> ages, and it's always been the go-to tool for recursive traversal.
>> walkdir's name suggests the same.
> You still haven't explained what your problem is with the idea of an
> explicitly recursive glob (as both "rglob" and "globtree" suggest).

The problem is that I prefer the walkdir approach, because it solves a
more general problem and overall more useful. This is also why I don't
see how it makes sense to stop discussing it here and focus on rglob.
They are related, after all!

Anyway, I'm not sure what else I can add to the discussion. I'm
starting to repeat myself, which means that I should just shut up :)

I've stated my preference, and I understand and respect yours. So
let's just see what others think.
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