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Date 2012-02-04.07:18:07
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> The test function should use "from import TESTFN" to get
> a temporary file name
I believe that TESTFN predates tempfile (and the tempfile helpers in regrtest and and is now seen as an ugly relic (at least by me :)

>> I think the doc could link to the doc about URIs.
> I considered this, but the rest of the sqlite3 module documentation doesn't link to the
> doc pages either.
Well, users need a way to find the list of allowed options.  The Python docs should either list them (there aren’t much; pro: all the info is here, con: maintenance) or link to them.

By the way, do you want to give us your full name so that we can credit you?  (And on a related subject, I don’t know if this small patch requires a contributor agreement.)
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