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> In fact, you can create those files from python, files that python can not unpack later.

Really? How so? BZ2File only started accepting the "a" mode in 3.3
(thanks to Nir's patch for this issue, actually).

> If the refusal of backporting this to 3.2 and 2.7 is firm, I would beg to document this limitation in the 2.7/3.2 docs. It is serious enough.

Of course. I'll add a note to the docs once I've created the bz2file
package on PyPI, so we can refer readers to it.

> As the bug/feature judgment is not easy to make, I think python-dev should be asked.

Fair enough; I was actually going to suggest consulting the 2.7 release
manager, but I suppose getting more opinions on the mailing list makes
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