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Date 2012-02-02.01:18:25
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On Mon, 2012-01-30 at 23:41 +0000, Martin wrote:
> Martin <> added the comment:
> > Has anyone had a chance to try this patch on Windows?  Martin?  I'm
> > hoping that it doesn't impose a startup cost in the default
> > no-randomization cost, and that any startup cost in the -R case is
> > acceptable.
> Just tested as requested. Is the patch against 3.1 for a reason? Can't
> really be compared to earlier results, but get enough weird outliers
> that that may not be useful anyway. Also needed the following change:
> -+        chunk = Py_MIN(size, INT_MAX);
> ++        chunk = size > INT_MAX ? INT_MAX : size;
> Summary, looks like extra work in the default case is avoided and
> isn't crippling otherwise, though there were a couple of very odd runs
> not presented probably due to other disk access.

Thanks for testing this!

Oops, yes: Py_MIN is only present in "default" [it was added to
Include/Python.h (as PY_MIN) in 72475:8beaa9a37387 for PEP 393, renamed
to Py_MIN in 72489:dacac31460c0, eventually reaching Include/pymacro.h
in 72512:36fc514de7f0]

"orig_size" in win32_urandom was apparently unused, so I've removed it.

I also found and fixed an occasional failure in my 2.6 backport of the
new test_os.URandomTests.get_urandom_subprocess.

Am attaching 4 patches containing the above changes, plus patches to fix
dict/set ordering assumptions that start breaking if you try to run the
test suite with randomization enabled:

2.6 also could use the dict-ordering fix for test_symtable that was
fixed in 2.7 as 74256:789d59773801

FWIW I'm seeing a failure this failure in test_urllib2, but I also see
it with a clean checkout of 2.6:
ERROR: test_invalid_redirect (__main__.HandlerTests)
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "Lib/test/", line 963, in test_invalid_redirect
    MockHeaders({"location": valid_url}))
"/home/david/coding/python-hg/cpython-2.6-hash-randomization/Lib/", line 616, in http_error_302
    return, timeout=req.timeout)
"/home/david/coding/python-hg/cpython-2.6-hash-randomization/Lib/", line 218, in __getattr__
    raise AttributeError, attr
AttributeError: timeout
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add-randomization-to-2.6-dmalcolm-2012-02-01-001.patch dmalcolm, 2012-02-02.01:18:06
add-randomization-to-3.1-dmalcolm-2012-02-01-001.patch dmalcolm, 2012-02-02.01:18:17
fix-broken-tests-on-2.6-dmalcolm-2012-02-01-001.patch dmalcolm, 2012-02-02.01:18:17
fix-broken-tests-on-3.1-dmalcolm-2012-02-01-001.patch dmalcolm, 2012-02-02.01:18:23
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