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 - shutil.get_terminal_size(): I would prefer columns and lines
variable names instead of "ccc" and "rrr"
 - "Right now the values are not cached, but this might change." why
would it be cached? this sentence can just be removed
 - I would prefer os.get_terminal_size() instead of
os.query_terminal_size(), I didn't know other function using the verb
"query" in Python
 - To keep os simple, os.query_terminal_size() can return a simple,
whereas shutil.get_terminal_size() returns a namedtuple
 - use @unittest.skipUnless() on TermsizeTests to check if
os.query_terminal_size() is available
 -, test_does_not_crash() catchs OSError, you may only ignore
some error codes, not any. For example, skip the test if stdout is not
a tty

+        try:
+            size = os.query_terminal_size(sys.__stdout__.fileno())
+        except (NameError, OSError):
+            size = os.terminal_size(fallback)

AttributeError should be catched here, not NameError. Or better, check
if os has a query_terminal_size() function.

+.. function:: get_terminal_size(fallback=(columns, lines))

Hum, you may document the default value: (80, 24).

shutil.get_terminal_size() doesn't allow to choose the file
descriptor. Would it be useful to allow to get the size of sys.stderr
or another TTY?
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