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Date 2012-01-31.13:45:50
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> Given that, flistdir() and fwalk() seem like the most consistent choices of name for APIs that aren't directly
> matching an underlying POSIX function name.

Well, that seems OK for me.
I guess the only reason fdlistdir() is named that way is because of
I can make the change for fwalk(), and since 3.3 hasn't been released
yet, I guess we can rename fdlistdir() too.

> There's something I don't understand in the patch: why does _are_same_file examine st_mode?

It doesn't have to, that's actually useless.

The only thing that bothers me is that it needs O(height of directory
tree), so with really deep directory trees, we could run out of FDs.
Not sure that could be a problem in practice, but that's something to
keep in mind.
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