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> Rather than the "" empty string for off I suggest an explicit string
> that makes it clear what the meaning is.  PYTHONHASHSEED="disabled"
> perhaps.
> Agreed, if we can have a single env var that is preferred.  It is more
> obvious that the PYTHONHASHSEED env var. has no effect when it is set
> to a special value rather than when it is set to something but it is
> configured to be ignored by a _different_ env var.

I think this is bike-shedding. The requirements for environment
variables are
a) with no variable set, it must not do randomization
b) there must be a way to seed from the platform's RNG
Having an explicit seed actually is no requirement, so I'd propose
to drop PYTHONHASHSEED instead.

However, I really suggest to let the patch author (Dave Malcolm)
design the API within the constraints.
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