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Date 2012-01-29.22:50:20
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Barry A. Warsaw wrote:
> Barry A. Warsaw <> added the comment:
> On Jan 28, 2012, at 07:26 PM, Dave Malcolm wrote:
>> This turns out to pass without PYTHONHASHRANDOMIZATION in the
>> environment, and fail intermittently with it.
>> Note that "make test" invokes the built python with "-E", so that it
>> ignores the setting of PYTHONHASHRANDOMIZATION in the environment.
>> Barry, Benjamin: does fixing this bug require getting the full test
>> suite to pass with randomization enabled (and fixing the intermittent
>> failures due to ordering issues), or is it acceptable to "merely" have
>> full passes without randomizing the hashes?
> I think we at least need to identify (to the best of our ability) the tests
> that fail and include them in release notes.  If they're easy to fix, we
> should fix them.  Maybe also open a bug report for each failure. causes even more tests to fail,
so I'm submitting bug reports for most of the failing tests already.
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