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Date 2012-01-29.20:52:12
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I recently built the xz library on my OSX Tiger buildbot (that also does the daily DMGs via the build script), and Nadeem mentioned this ticket.

As an FYI, I wasn't able to get the xz library (5.0.3) to configure/build as a universal build (i386/ppc) in a single step (as in the build script recipes).  It appears to use some compile options incompatible with multiple -arch.

For my buildbot, I built it twice (as i386 and ppc) and then combined the libraries (static and shared) using lipo.  This appears to work for both the regular buildbot and the DMG creation.

In peeking at the build script this approach is a bit beyond the current recipe process, so would need more work than just a new recipe.  Assuming a build/lipo process is considered legitimate for release installers, of course, I'm not that sure how much I ended up "cheating".
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