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I have to agree with Georg on that. I think it would make more sense to introduce some internal flag/variable that keeps track of if the cause was explicitely set. So if cause was set (i.e. `from X` syntax is used), then always display it in favor of the context – except that a None-cause causes nothing to display.

Regardless of that I’m actually not sure if just changing the way the cause is displayed is a correct way to handle the context. If I explicitely raise an exception in an except-handler, I usually don’t expect that new exception to get the previous exception attached to. In the original example, I want to completely replace the “context” by a new exception without implicitely keeping over the original exception.

So even if using `from None` will prevent the context from being displayed (as the explicitely set cause will override it), the `__context__` will probably still be set by the `raise` statement, and I think that shouldn’t happen. Hence the `raise X instead` or `raise as X` idea that simply does not set the context but “destroys” it.
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