Author mhammond
Date 2003-03-19.23:51:08
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I struck this years ago, but was in a quandry.  On one hand,
sys.stdout *is* invalid, and I see no reason why Python
should mask these errors.  There may be real applications
where this failure *must* be reported to the program rather
than simply consumed.

However, I see the point that print is so basic that is
should never fail.  To my mind, the first point outweighs
the first, and the problem is fairly simply solved (see if
sys.stdout is invalid, and if so, open a file and set it to

So I am afraid that, no, I don't give a rats <wink>.  Unless
conivenced otherwise (ie, by Tim or Guido) I will close this
as "not a bug" in a week or so.
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