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The real issue is that the choices flag does not work with a default flag and * nargs.

The following works as expected:
>>> parser.add_argument('chosen', nargs='*', default=['a'])
>>> print(parser.parse_args())
>>> print(parser.parse_args(['a', 'b']))
Namespace(chosen=['a', 'b'])

Introducing a choices constraint breaks down when using the defaults:
>>> parser.add_argument('chosen', nargs='*', default=['a'], choices=['a', 'b'])
>>> print(parser.parse_args(['a']))
>>> print(parser.parse_args())
error: argument chosen: invalid choice: ['a'] (choose from 'a', 'b')

I would expect instead to have Namespace.chosen populated with the default list as before, but the choices constraint check does not validate correctly.

I think that changing the choices constraint logic to iterate over the default values if nargs results in a list would be a possible solution.
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