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> To see the collision counting, enable the DEBUG_DICT_COLLISIONS
> macro variable.

Running (part of (*)) the test suite with debugging enabled on a 64-bit
machine shows that slot collisions are much more frequent than
hash collisions, which only account for less than 0.01% of all

It also shows that slot collisions in the low 1-10 range are
most frequent, with very few instances of a dict lookup
reaching 20 slot collisions (less than 0.0002% of all

The great number of cases with 1 or 2 slot collisions surprised
me. It seems that there's potential for improvement of
the perturbation formula left.

Due to the large number of 1 or 2 slot collisions, the patch
is going to cause a minor hit to dict lookup performance.
It may make sense to unroll the slot search loop and only
start counting after the third round of misses.

(*) I stopped the run after several hours run-time, producing
some 148GB log data.
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