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> Since the hash function is known, it doesn't make things much
> harder. Without suffix you just need hash('') to find out what
> the prefix is. With suffix, two values are enough.

With my patch, hash('') always return zero. I don't remember who asked
me to do that, but it avoids to leak too easily the secret :-) I wrote
some info how to compute the secret:

I don't see how to compute the secret, but it doesn't mean that it is
impossible :-) I suppose that you have to brute force some bits, at
least if you only have repr(dict) which gives only (indirectly) the
lower bits of the hash.

> (things obviously get tricky once overflow kicks in)

hash() doesn't overflow: if you know the string, you can run the
algorithm backward. To divide, you can compute 1/1000003 mod 2^32 (or
mod 2^64): 2021759595 and 16109806864799210091. So x/1000003 mod 2^32
= x*2021759595 mod 2^32.

See my invert_mod() function of:

> With Victor's approach hash(0) would output the whole seed,
> but even if the seed is not known, creating an attack data
> set is trivial, since hash(x) = P ^ x ^ S.

I suppose that it would be too simple to compute the secret of a
randomized integer hash, so it is maybe better to leave them
unchanged. Using a different secret from strings and integer would not
protect Python against an attack only using integers, but integer keys
are less common than string keys (especially on web applications).

Anyway, I changed my mind about randomized hash: I now prefer counting
collisions :-)
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