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> R. David Murray <> added the comment:
> Meaning you want to run the same test suite with a variety of
> different DB connections?  That seems like a reasonable use
> case.

This is for external parameterization of a test to run in a
different environment.  Internal reuse of test code is usually
better done inside of the code using standard OOP approaches.

The different in database connections is due to wanting to run
the tests on different systems with different database users,
passwords and database names.  Normally we have an object that
reads this information from file specified on the command line,
the object is passed to code that creates the connections.

A similar problem exists when tests must be run against a server
and require a host name.  External parameterization to specify
the host name is required.

While it's certainly possible to come up with says to pass this
setting things in globals (including environment variable), this
does lead to confusing code.

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