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The vulnerability is known since 2003 (Usenix 2003): read "Denial of
Service via Algorithmic Complexity Attacks" by Scott A. Crosby and Dan
S. Wallach.

This paper compares Perl 5.8 hash function, MD5, UHASH (UMAC
universal), CW (Carter-Wegman) and XOR12. Read more about UMAC:
"A UMAC has provable cryptographic strength and is usually a lot less
computationally intensive than other MACs."

oCERT advisory #2011-003: multiple implementations denial-of-service
via hash algorithm collision

nRuns advisory:

CRuby 1.8.7 fix (use a randomized hash function):

JRuby uses Murmurhash and a hash (random) "seed" since JRuby
JRUBY-6324: random seed for srand is not initialized properly:

pyhash implements Murmurhash:
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