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> I was scared by the note in the documentation and wondered if the
> socket Python API was completely incapable of handling half-closed
> connections cross platform.
> It makes it half-closed as it should

Indeed. Calling shutdown(SHUT_WR) doesn't close the other end (which doesn't make much sense), it just sends a FIN (or RST depending on the context). It's the other end which decides to return ENOTCONN upon shutdown(SHUT_RD) on OS X, which is questionable (not sure it's against the BSD socket API, since shutdown(SHUT_RD) doesn't have any counterpart in the TCP layer).

I also find this note confusing and scary for no good reason, and since I don't think we should document every OS idiosyncrasies, it would probably be better to revert it.

I'll leave this open for a couple days to see if anyone objects, otherwise I'll revert it.
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