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./python -m test --help
-S/--slow       -- print the slowest 10 tests

-S is used to continue running tests after an aborted run.  It will
maintain the order a standard run (ie, this assumes -r is not used).
This is useful after the tests have prematurely stopped for some external
reason and you want to start running from where you left off rather
than starting from the beginning.

in Lib/test/

opts, args = getopt.getopt(sys.argv[1:], '...S...',
            [..., 'slow', ... , 'start=', ...])

for o, a in opts:
    elif o in ('-S', '--start'):
        start = a
    elif o in ('-S', '--slow'):
        print_slow = True

At the moment -S (no args) and --slow (no args) are the same, not what the documentation says and not how the code executes (-S goes with --start). Help says nothing about --start.

--slow or --start needs a new short opt, and corrected documentation.
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