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> I fear that an attacker may guess the seed from several small strings

hash(a) ^ hash(b) "removes" the suffix, but I don't see how to guess the prefix from this new value. It doesn't mean that it is not possible, just that I don't have a strong background in crytography :-)

I don't expect that adding 2 XOR would change our dummy (fast but unsafe) hash function into a cryptographic hash function. We cannot have security for free. If we want a strong cryptographic hash function, it would be much slower (Paul wrote that it would be 4x slower). But we prefer speed over security, so we have to do compromise.

I don't know if you can retreive hash values in practice. I suppose that you can only get hash(str) & (size - 1) with size=size of the dict internal array, so only the lower bits. Using a large dict, you may be able to retreive more bits of the hash value.
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